Neo-Hasidic International is the Collective Movement of the growing Neo-Hasidic Lifestyle & Institution within Judaism, Rooted in the Vision of the Prophets of Israel beginning with our Forfather Abraham and to embody that same vision to "...Become a Great Nation...". (Gen.12:2)

Be Blessed by Blessing us in our efforts. You can aid and be apart of the process by donating toward this Collective Movement of Developing, Raising, and Structuring Neo-Hasidic Jewish communities globally/world wide.  All donations will go toward the International Travel Expenses, Jewish Lifestyle Materials, Virtual Communications & Connectivity, and the like... Below are the international  communities that are being Developed, Raised Up, or Structured into Neo-Hasidic Jewish communities.

All Jews have a right to return Home! Leaders of the Jewish communities in Uganda need our help with transportation in the pursuit of collecting the information of 2,000 Jews in the area to fill out a petition that will help in the Aliyah process for them, any amount of donation will help.  Below are links of your choice where you can donate. Shalom.

And Growing...

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